Storytelling/writing workshop

Storytelling Writing Workshop

Compassion Arts Festival is excited to offer two workshops—one via a zoom event for exploring the power of true storytelling with TMI Project, and the other, via a workshop video below, for discovering pathways to creativity with Camillle DeAngelis. Both workshops offer insights for developing tools for giving expression to our connection with animals and inspiring compassion for animals in others.

The workshops are for anyone who cares deeply about animals and wants to give voice to that; for the purpose of helping animals and creating positive change, by offering a way for people to see them through another’s eyes.

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TMI Project: True Storytelling Workshop

Zoom event Saturday, 11/21 at 2:00-4:00pm EST: Compassion Arts ongoing ANIMAL STORY program is presenting this free True Storytelling Workshop from TMI Project, for anyone who wishes to discover tools for being able to give voice to the experiences and stories of animals who’ve touched our lives. Advance sign-up is required. Click here for information.

Camille De-Angelis Workshop: Creativity for Every Animal

A video workshop for anyone wishing to develop their creativity (both for people who think they aren’t creative or for artists in any discipline). Camille DeAngelis’ video workshop offers tools for exploring pathways to cultivating creative possibilities. Whether for personal growth or enjoyment, or for personal expression in advocacy for compassionate living, Camille’s workshop shares how creativity can be the seed for transformation.

Camille DeAngelis

Camille DeAngelis

Camille DeAngelis

A Bright Clean Mind

A Bright Clean Mind

Camille DeAngelis is an award-winning writer of both fiction and non-fiction works, and the author of A Bright Clean Mind: Veganism for Creative Transformation. The creator and facilitator of web workshops in writing, personal growth, and plant-based living for developing creative potential, she uses her work to inspire others in finding authentic expression for helping bring a more compassionate and sustainable culture into being.

Camille has given numerous presentations at conferences and festivals, as well as sharing in podcasts and blogs, on the indelible connection between animal liberation and creative empowerment; in that some of the most common impediments to human creativity are the very same blocks preventing us from recognizing our kinship with non-human animals.

A certified vegan lifestyle coach and educator through Main Street Vegan Academy, Camille’s website is a platform of inspiration and compassion through its web workshops, writings, links to the work of other vegan artists, and the uplifting and unapologetic promotion of joy in the creative process and plant-based living.

Camille DeAngelis is the author of several novels, as well as a travel guide to Ireland and Life Without Envy: Ego Management for Creative People. Her most recent book, A Bright Clean Mind: Veganism for Creative Transformation is a no-judgment exploration of the creative benefits of ethical veganism, drawing on examples from art and literature to offer specific ways to “unstick” from creative blocks and nourish the authentic voice for creating a more compassionate world.

Download Creativity for Every Animal Workbook