Music, Readings, Performing Arts

Music, Readings, Performing Arts

Poetry Roundtable

Live zoom event on Thursday 11/19 at 7:30-8:30pm EST : Poets Donald Vincent (Convenient Amnesia) and Gretchen Primack (Visiting Days & Kind) read from their recently released poetry collections and past works, to reflect on the stories behind their writings and discuss the ways that poetry can be a tool for “Speaking the Voice Unheard.” Advance sign-up is required. Click here for information.


Camille DeAngelis

Michael Harren at Tamerlaine Sanctuary Artist's Residency

Singer-songwriters through the decades have used music as an instrument for social change and redemption, in songs that give expression to the stories of our lives, love, and healing, and in songs that lift our voices in protest of injustice, inequality, cruelty and indifference, as well as songs that simply express gratitude. Below is a sampling of a few songwriters using their work as an instrument for compassion for all beings. Those listed here are artists who have been connected to Compassion Arts, but we encourage exploring the work of other music artists as well using their musical artistry to expand the circle of compassion.

“Through the ceaseless ocean tides
Ancient rhythms never die
Through the seasons and through the years.
We still can feel the sound.”

- EC Lorick: Ceremony Song

Moby: My Only Love

Moby is an American musician, songwriter, singer, producer, visual artist , multi-media artist , author, and dedicated animal rights activist. His music is embraced worldwide and he uses his work as a creative platform for compassion and awareness.

Danny Hamilton: It’s What You Want & Love is the Way

Singer-songwriter and musician Danny Hamilton is an independent recording artist, a vegan, a father, husband and humanitarian dedicated to using his music to encourage positive change and love for all life. Included here are his videos It’s What You Want and Love is the Way and his interview on Vegan Nation. Click here to learn about his work and hear his songs.

Joy Askew: Grasslands, Walk the Dog, A Change is Gonna Come

Joy Askew is a singer-songwriter, musician, recording artist, a vegan and animal lover/advocate for many years. She has worked with Peter Gabriel, Joe Jackson and Laurie Anderson among other artists. Her music has been featured in movies and films, most notably a Peaceable Kingdom: The Journey Home, a documentary about transformation for compassionate living. Below is a video of Joy performing a new song Grasslands as well as links to two of her other songs Walk the Dog and Change is Gonna Come from past albums. Click here to learn more about Joy’s work and hear her music.

Mr. Hip: The Recipe & Vegan Paradise

From his album Vegan Paradise, Mr. Hip (aka Donald Vincent) performs his song The Recipe (produced by Moji) on plant-based living. A poet, performer, spoken word artist, educator and lover of all things creative, Mr. Hip joins in collaboration with other artists “to use our storytelling abilities to increase awareness about veganism and its benefits on our minds, bodies, and the universe.” Click here to learn more.

Song Links

Kala Farnham Album

Kala Farnham: Unleashed (Emma’s Lullaby)

Multi-instrumentalist, independent recording artist and singer-songwriter Kala Farnham has a vision to inspire and heal through the transformative power of music. Her distinctive and heartfelt songs are a hallmark reinvention of the folk tradition, using storytelling through music to tell the stories of experiences and individuals who have changed our lives.

Song links:

EC Lorick Album

EC Lorick: Strandings and Ceremony Song

A voice for peace, justice and the soul of wild nature, singer-songwriter EC Lorick’s music is a call to the heart of knowingness, balance, and being. The former co-founder of GaiaWolf (a music trio on the independent house concert scene for many years), EC is a decades long creative journeyman in the spirit of true protest artistry of legends like Woody Guthrie and the great Gil Scott Heron. Click here to hear more of his music.

Song links:

Ellie & Josie

Ellie Sarty: Creatures Great & Small, Rodeo, and The Sun Goes Down

Singer-songwriter and animal advocate Ellie Sarty is the founder of Compassion Arts and a music theater works creator for projects on holistic nonviolence. A former NY based vocalist and independent music artist for many years (Top of the Food Chain, Constant As The Sun), she is the creator of ensemble works in narrative healing for trauma survivors (Bella and the Eclipse) and has a musical play (The Rattle & the Thunder) currently in development. Below are links to songs from the play and past works. For more, stay tuned to Compassion Arts.

Song links:

Sunta Africa

Sunta Africa

Soul songstress Sunta Africa is an independent artist and singer-songwriter using her music as a tool to inspire love and empowerment and awaken the feminine energy in the world. Sunta performs at festivals, concerts and for events and projects in support of the community. She is also healing arts music artist who is certified in sound healing, and is the host of The Journey Radio Show at Unity Radio in Central MA. Click here to learn more and hear her music.

Song links:

Performing Arts

Michael Harren: Their Eyes

Their Eyes is a piece for piano, string quartet, electronics, and video by Michael Harren. Inspired by his participation in a pig slaughterhouse vigil with Los Angeles Pig Save, the combines his video footage from the vigil combined with his original music. The piece premiered live at The 2018 Compassion Arts Festival in New York City. Their Eyes went on to become a part of his multi-media performance piece, The Animal Show, which is now available as The Animal Book and The Animal Album.

Michael Harren is a composer, musician, and multi-media performance artist dedicated to using music for animal advocacy. Click here for more information.